Curriculum writing

Book 3  MATHS NAPLAN Assessment
Internet Quests
An Angle on Geometry
Book 2  MATHS NAPLAN Assessment
Shapes and Spaces
Our Australia Bk 3 Events
Our Australia Bk 1 Famous Aussies
Our Australia - History
Internet Activities
Money Money Money
Marine Life
Dinosaur Internet Quests
Cool Antarctica
LAP Super Space BLM-500x500.jpg
The Election Book
Cool Antarctica resource book
Book 1  MATHS NAPLAN Assessment
Rainforest Activities
Int Quests-Unexplained-250x250.jpg
LAP Super Space BLM-250x250.jpg
LAP Super Space RES-250x250.jpg
LAP Com Tech RES-250x250.jpg
Amazing Antarctica
Disasters 2-250x250.jpg
Our Australia Bk 2 History-500x500.jpg
Amazing Animals Mammals-250x250.jpg
Int Quests-Dinosaurs-250x250.jpg
Amazing Antarctica
Disasters 3-250x250.jpg
Int Quests-Marine Life-250x250.jpg
Endangered Species of the World-250x250.jpg
Int Quests-Egypt-250x250.jpg
Endangered Animals Resources-250x250.jpg
LAP Com Tech BLM-250x250.jpg
Rainforest Resource Book
Amazing Animals Reptiles
Endangered Species of Australia-250x250.jpg
LAP Super Space RES-120x120.jpg
Internet Themes
Disasters 1-250x250.jpg
Int Quests-Astronomy-250x250.jpg
Endangered Animals BLM-250x250.jpg
Space internet inquiry-250x250.jpg
Amazing Animals Insects-250x250.jpg
Lifeskills-Grief, Illness and Other Issues-250x250.jpg
Remedial Fractions-250x250.jpg
Remedial Maths - Number
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Interactive educational resources for primary and secondary levels


Jane is an experienced curriculum writer and has been writing and editing educational text books, software and BLMs since 1997. Her work has been published with Ready-Ed Publications, Curriculum Concepts (NZ), Teacher Created Materials (USA) and Blake Education (Pascal Press). Titles cover K-12 with a focus on science and technology in the classroom. She has a particular interest for internet-based research activities but has recently focused on numeracy and literacy texts in line with current ACARA codes and NAPLAN requirements.


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